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Why this project was made:

To give you an opportunity of saving money

We are the only internet resource that gives you an opportunity of buying fitness equipment straight from the manufacturer. You don’t have to pay the artificial dealer’s markup.

To be “in the head” and stay “not like everyone”

Day by day we continuously monitor all the fitness trends. We visit all the fitness exhibitions around the world. You have an opportunity of buying the stuff which will be the newest for your country.

To make your own choice

Range of stuff from all the Russian dealers is much poorer than we can offer you. We have everything for fitness, so you don’t have to confine your choice because of the dealer’s poor assortment.

To don’t be deceived by unfair sellers

Are you tired of buying fake stuff?

Buy straight from the producers. Why is it profitable for YOU:

- we work only with the manufacturers,

- all our prices are the wholesale prices from the producing companies,

- you pay with the easiest for you way,

- our logistic service is the fastest and smartest,

- we offer you after-sales service and assembling of the stuff.

- Our experts will always give you a consult and ask all the questions interested you.